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Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) Clinics

Kernow Health CIC has set up an acute respiratory infection (ARI) hub to which general practice can now refer patients.  The service is not exclusively for Streptococcus A but was set up in response to the recurrent system waves of high respiratory demand of Strep A, RSV, Covid, etc. 

The hub service is based in Camborne-Redruth Community Hospital for patients requiring a face-to-face clinic appointment who meet all of the following: 

Inclusion criteria

  • Aged 5 years or over 

  • Has a cough  

  • Reports a sore throat 

  • Reports a fever 


GP practices can refer patients by emailing with the following:

  • Patient’s name

  • NHS number

  • Contact details

  • Brief clinical details of presentation


The clinic is located in CRCH and therefore only those patients who are able to attend this location should receive this referral. 

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