Repeat Covid-19 testing

Repeat POSITIVE SARS-CoV test within last 90 days  =

retest NOT indicated except for patients with NEW symptoms

Covid retesting.png

Principles for use by IPAC/Micro Team supporting management of individuals in care settings who have persistently positive Covid results:


Patients and staff should always be isolated as per national guidelines from their first positive result irrespective of symptoms.  This guide does not apply to individuals within 14 days of their first Covid results.


For clinically improving or asymptomatic individuals re-testing is NOT indicated:

  • within 90 days of the first positive result for patients, staff or care home residents

Where a repeat test has been carried out within these times (e.g. for transfer or SIREN study) these parameters may be used in discussion with Micro and IPAC to help clinical management of ASYMPTOMATIC or recovered individuals.


This discussion should be documented in the patient notes (clinician) and laboratory IT system (Micro).


If NEW symptoms have developed – retest and isolation should proceed as for a new clinical presentation.