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Management of Abscesses presenting to Acute GP service


Simple primary abscess with no adverse patient or abscess features seen after 3 pm can probably be done the following day, the provisional plan being that they come up to theatre direct starved at 07:30 (provided they can get there etc) with a patient-held summary/letter to show and the night registrar will be called to see, check, book to CEPOD and consent with the aim that it is the first case (pending getting gynae out)


If the patient has simple primary abscess with no adverse features and seen before 3 pm - send up to St Mawes as may well be able to get done in the evening and can go to theatre direct in the morning as a stepping stone on the way home if the bed is needed for an elective case.


All patients with either complex abscess or complex patient to be assessed by surgical team on St Mawes.

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