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Receive instant discharge information


The Acute GP service prides itself on its immediate communication of clinical notes to the referrer upon patient discharge from clinic

Useful Links & Forms

Local Pharmacy Services - Click here for local pharmacy opening times in the South West



For more chronic conditions, please see the RMS guidelines for work-up and  referral criteria

ACAH/community prescription sheet
ANDO - superceded by TEP form (below)
DVT - D-dimer request form (no longer needed, standard blood form acceptable)
DVT - eReferral form
Dysphagia clinic referral form (now for OGD via C&B)
HOOF/Home oxygen form - now via website
Rapid Access Acute Chest Pain Form (community)
Rapid Access Acute Chest Pain Form (now via MAXIMs)
TEP - Treatment Escalation Plan Form
TIA clinic referral form
Upper GI bleed OGD request form (with scoring)

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