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Eol Care packs & equipment

Work is being done looking at rationalisation of EoL equipment due to expected increases in demand

Logistics processes will be slightly different due to controlled drug legislation, size of equipment etc.

This is being developed by a cross system multi-disciplinary team from providers and clinicians across the system

Risks e.g. out of stock etc. have been identified with mitigating actions planned

Aim of Care packs

-To provide support to people and their relatives/ carers within 1-2 weeks of end of life


Supplies for 7 days including:

-Soap substitute/ moisturiser

-Disposable wipes

-Lip care

-Soft toothbrush & non foaming toothpaste

-Surgical face masks/ eye protection/ gloves/ apron

-Continence pads & sheets

-Drinking straws

-Clinical waste bags

-Glycerine suppositories

-Information leaflets incl. replenishment of pack, pack use/ guidelines, bereavement, clinical waste disposal,

-Initial batch of 400 to be made

-Replenishment through NHS Supply Chain and volunteer distribution, likely through community and RCHT therapy departments

-£27 per pack

EoL Equipment

Work is being done through similar channels to provide criteria and supply routes for necessary equipment for EoL cares. This to be updated.

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