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Patch Geriatrician Service

8am – 8pm. Mon-Fri


The RCHT Geriatricians are available to support primary decision making in the community. Phone numbers all available via RCHT switch 01872 250000

Primary Care Networks

1 – Penwith
  Dr Battle:
  Dr Mate:

2/3 – South Kerrier & North Kerrier West
  Dr Puchas:
  Dr Boyd:

4/5 –  North Kerrier East & Falmouth and Penryn
  Dr Renwick:
  Dr Pollard:

6/7 – Truro & Coastal
  Dr Bell:
  Dr Adie:

8/9/11 – Rural, St Austell Healthcare,  Three Harbours and Bosvena
  Dr Grey:
  Dr McIntosh:
  Dr Bland:

10/12 -  Watergate/Not yet in network
  Dr Harper:
  Dr Wesson:


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