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Acute Surgical Referrals


Calls are via RCH switchboard 01872 250000 ask to bleep the General Surgical SHO on Bleep 2961; if they do not answer on the second attempt, ask to bleep the Surgical Registrar


  • Patients who are currently stable but need urgent surgical review can be booked into the St Mawes Unit for review at 10am by a Surgical Registrar. 

  • Specialty circumstances in-hours (out of hours, General surgery cover all of these):

  • If patients present with breast abscess discuss with the Clinician in the Mermaid Unit. The patient will either be seen in the Mermaid clinic or in the St Mawes unit.

  • Stoma nurses (ask via switchboard) can review stoma problems in the St Mawe's Ambulatory area.

  • For young women <50 years with pelvic pain please consider a gynaecological cause and discuss with Gynae Registrar via switchboard

  • Anal fissures if not infected – advise rectogesic/anoheal with oral analgesics and movicol. Consider amitriptyline at night.

  • Thrombosed haemorrhoids– advise patient to sit on frozen peas and take oral analgesia.

  • For difficult catheter problems the Urology Specialist Nurse may be able to help bleeping 2220 via switchboard

  • Patients with D&V can go to St Mawes but please inform SHO/Registrar if likely to need a side room. 

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