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Care Home Support Team


Referrals: 01872 303770

Non-urgent enquiries:


Monday - Friday 0900 - 1900hrs


What we do:

This service provides clinical support to all activity relating to care homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We are a team of 8 senior and experienced health professionals:

  • 1 Nurse Consultant

  • 6 Clinical Nurse Specialists

  • 1 Occupational Specialist

We support those who live in care settings to live better, longer. We do this through:

  • Direct clinical support

  • Assessment and Treatment

  • Education and Training

  • Supporting transfers of care


Inclusion Criteria

Anyone living in a:

  • Residential Home

  • Nursing Home

  • Supported Living

As well as those who may require placement.

No exclusion criteria

ADMISSION AVOIDANCE - Could this be managed in place?


  • Acute physical deterioration

  • Altered mental state

  • Acute Breathlessness

  • Chest Infections

  • COPD exacerbations

  • Chest pain

  • Heart failure

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • Urgent catheter care

  • Post-operative infections

  • Falls

  • Head injuries

  • Skin tears

  • Palliative care needs

  • Complex case management



  • Urgent Community Response within 2 hours.

  • A-E, Head to Toe Assessment of an acutely unwell resident.

  • Cannulation and Phlebotomy

  • IV therapy

  • IV Fluids

  • IV antibiotics

  • Anti-emetics, diuretics

  • ECG

  • Management of devices, catheters, cannulas etc

  • End of Life support

  • Review and Amend TEP's



We provide a virtual ward service for care homes.

This onward monitoring of observations allows for safety netting and early detection of deterioration.

This can be used to step-up/step-down from acute settings


Our activity and care summaries can be visible on SystmOne and EMIS.

We work collaboratively with PCN's and Home Teams.

Contact us to discuss.

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