Cardiology Advice


Telephone advice from the cardiologist of the week (CoW):


This service is ONLY for emergency enquiries that may avoid acute admission

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Contact Telephone  01872 25 0000 via RCH switch



Cardiology e-mail service




  • Non-emergency queries.

  • Patients with cardiology conditions or potential cardiology conditions being managed by the GP.

  • For queries on community/direct access investigations eg. ECG, holter monitors, echo reports




  • Routine advice for patients already under the care of a named cardiologist (advice correspondence in writing to named consultant).

  • Advice already published on RMS website.

  • Formal referrals for investigations or outpatient appointments (use normal RMS referral system)

  • Emergency queries (use telephone contact for emergencies only)


How To Refer


  • Check query is not answered by advice already available on the RMS website.

  • Check patients are not already under a named consultant or have been seen by a consultant in the last 6 months (if so contact named consultant rather than using the email service)

  • Complete e-mail FROM AN NHSMail ACCOUNT ensuring it includes key information and is in the correct format, as described below, and send to:

  • Cardiologist on duty will respond within 2 working days (Mon – Fri).

  • If the response is a recommendation to refer to cardiology this will be the responsibility of the GP submitting a referral through RMS as normal.

  • In future correspondence, when referring to the advice given, it must be made clear that the advice quoted was from the e-mail advice service.

  • Correspondence for advice received by Consultants through other routes will be returned to the GP with the request to use the e-mail service.  (NB fax machines are being withdrawn from RCHT)



e-mail Format


Please use the format as described below. The Subject should contain your GP code, Practice Code and a Category for the subject matter concerned selected from the list below (this list may be amended as the service progresses depending on use):


- Chest Pain

- Syncope

- Heart Failure

- Arrhythmia

- Medication

- Atrial fibrillation

- 24 hr tape interpretation 

- Echo interpretation

- ECG interpretation

- Other


E-mail format from GP Requesting advice


Subject: GP code Practice code Category


Message body 


Patient, NHS number, Last Name, First Name, DoB 


Detail as necessary.


GP Name
Practice Name
Contact Tel no

Royal Cornwall Hospital


Cornwall TR1 3LJ

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 999

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