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Cardiology Advice


Telephone advice from the cardiologist of the week (CoW):


This service is ONLY for emergency enquiries that may avoid acute admission

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Contact Telephone  01872 25 0000 via RCH switch



Cardiology Advice & Guidance service (via eRS)




  • Non-emergency queries.

  • Patients with cardiology conditions or potential cardiology conditions being managed by the GP.

  • For queries on community/direct access investigations eg. ECG, holter monitors, echo reports




  • Routine advice for patients already under the care of a named cardiologist (advice correspondence in writing to named consultant).

  • Advice already published on RMS website.

  • Formal referrals for investigations or outpatient appointments (use normal RMS referral system)

  • Emergency queries (use telephone contact for emergencies only)


How To Refer


  • Check query is not answered by advice already available on the RMS website.

  • Check patients are not already under a named consultant or have been seen by a consultant in the last 6 months (if so contact named consultant rather than using the A&G service)

  • Cardiologist on duty will respond within 2 working days (Mon – Fri).

  • If the response is a recommendation to refer to cardiology this will be the responsibility of the GP submitting a referral through RMS as normal.

  • In future correspondence, when referring to the advice given, it must be made clear that the advice quoted was from the A&G service.

  • Correspondence for advice received by Consultants through other routes will be returned to the GP with the request to use the A&G service. 



Suggested Format


Please include your GP code, Practice Code and a Category selected from the list below:


- Chest Pain

- Syncope

- Heart Failure

- Arrhythmia

- Medication

- Atrial fibrillation

- 24 hr tape interpretation 

- Echo interpretation

- ECG interpretation

- Other


Example format from GP Requesting advice


GP code Practice code

Subject Category [from above]


Message body 


Patient, NHS number, Last Name, First Name, DoB 


Detail as necessary.


GP Name
Practice Name
Contact Tel no

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