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Diabetic Acute Foot

Please see RMS referral guidance here

For any diabetic patient with a new, active foot problem which could include seemingly innocuous presentations such as in-growing toenail or blisters.


It’s really important that any person with diabetes and a new foot problem is assessed by either a specialist podiatrist within 3 working days or referred to ED for immediate assessment by a specialist.  Please see the new, revised pathway on RMS


It is the CCG's intention that this new rapid escalation pathway will help to prevent amputations, as it reinforces the principles of immediate referral to a specialist.  The evidence is quite clear that the sooner a specialist is able to provide treatment for the diabetic foot then the outcomes are vastly improved.


The new pathway is clear about the need to escalate to ED for high risk feet, if the GP/nurse is unsure if the person falls into this category the specialist team are available to answer queries during office hours via the on call vascular surgeon or diabetologist  at RCHT.

Please consider discussing with the appropriate team as per the pathway above.

If the lower limb acute presentation seems more vascular in nature, please also see RMS Peripheral Arterial Disease here

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