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Falmouth Day Hospital

​Falmouth day hospital is available for the community management of patients who do not require acute admission and offer nurse-led procedures including:

  • Blood transfusions

  • Platelet transfusions

  • Infusions (i.e., zolendronate, magnesium, immunoglobulins etc) – we would like to do others!

  • Blood tests

  • IM/SC injections

  • Care of any CVC’s (I.e., PICC lines, mid-lines, hickman lines, TIVAD’s/portacath)

  • 24hr ECG’s

  • Doppler tests

  • Urinary catheter care, insertion, TWOC’s, suprapubic

  • Wound dressings, stich and staple removal, compression bandaging, VAC pump dressings

Please ring to discuss a patient and they will be as accommodating as possible.

Day Hospital

Falmouth Community Hospital

Trescobeas Road


TR11 2JA

(01326) 436615 or 436616.


Generic email address for patient referrals -

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