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Frailty Same Day Emergency Care (FSDEC)

What is FSDEC?

A short stay service for ambulatory and non-ambulatory frail patients expected to stay less than 12 hours.

Open 8am-8pm, but last admission is by 3pm

If a longer stay is required, FSDEC can feed into longer inpatient stay on OPAL unit (Wheal Vor)

Admission criteria

  • Clinical Frailty Score (CFS) ≥5 or patient from Residential or Nursing Home with NEWS2<5

  • Includes frailty syndrome (falls, delirium, dementia, polypharmacy, incontinence, Parkinson’s disease)

  • Patient able to return to home setting within 12 hours (eg no safeguarding concern, safe if current clinical query ruled out or rapidly stabilised)

Exclusion criteria

  • NEWS2≥5,

  • Stroke,

  • #NOF,

  • Significant Intracranial Head Injury,

  • Active cancer treatment,

  • Clinically Significant Chest Pain,

  • Suicide Risk.

How to refer

  • Patients referred by SWAST, GPs, ED and Medics and if accepted, are admitted to the FSDEC.

  • Please contact the Acute GP service who will liaise with the Frailty nurse to admit

  • Please consider if CATU or UCR is more appropriate if not fulfilling the above criteria

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