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Neurosurgical referrals

The Derriford Neurosurgical team remain available for telephone discussion of cases that present an acute emergency high risk to life (eg imminent coning). Contact via switchboard.

Otherwise, got to and follow the prompts.


There are currently (27/3/19) several practical issues with this system we ask you to be aware of:

- the 'responsible consultant/clinician' should be the referring doctor themselves. This is because the system will send updating texts/emails to the clinician, and the nominated consultant on-call may not have direct experience of the patient nor be contactable in the necessary timescale

- you will be given an access key in the form DATEemailaddress@nhs.netNUMBER which needs to be documented in the patient notes

- where possible give a generic email address for the service that is universally accessed and checked

- this access key needs to be handed over with the patient to the next responsible clinician at end of shift by re-entering the system, going to 'my referrals' and changing the responsible clinician to the doctor physically responsible for the patient

- an urgent response is back to the email/mobile phone number initially submitted, therefore if this is a personal email address/phone number it will need to be checked regularly

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