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Next Day Endoscopy Service


Patients with minor upper gastrointestinal bleeding can be seen in the next day endoscopy clinic.

NB. Patients through this service will only receive an OGD (not a colonoscopy), those with iron deficiency anaemia may require a separate referral for an outpatient colonoscopy

Glasgow Blatchford Score (below)



If a patient meets the criteria please email a completed referral form to and phone 01872 252923 (M - F). (For inpatient referrals click here).

Please advise patient:

    •    Discontinue aspirin/NSAIDS

    •    No insulin or other hypoglycaemic agents to be taken on the morning of the endoscopy

    •    Nil by mouth from midnight prior to endoscopy


Please provide patient with:

    •    Script for omeprazole 20mg

    •    Patient information sheets are available as a FAQ and a leaflet

    •    OGD appointment details


Please give clear instructions that the patient should seek urgent medical attention if they have further evidence of GI  blood loss or become unwell at home for any other reason

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