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>72 hours post chest pain


If the patient presents greater than 72 hours post cardiac-sounding chest pain, perform an ECG as part of your assessment. 


Please consider discussing with the Acute GP service as troponin testing may still be appropriate. Complex cases may be discussed with the Cardiologist of the Week (CoW). 


If a community troponin is positive >48 hours post chest pain, an acute admission may not be necessary.


Please discuss the case with the Cardiologist of the Week (CoW) or chest pain nurses. Depending on this advice, the patient may be admitted or started on aspirin, b-blocker, clopidogrel, statin and referred to the Urgent Chest Pain clinic/cardiology. This will depend on the level of troponin, risk factors and co-morbidities. 

Outpatient Chest Pain referral form



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