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Acute Care at Home

08:00 – 22:00 7 days a week, last referral taken 8pm


Tel: 01872 246984, Email:

Or via Bodmin switchboard 01208  251300


For advanced nursing care or support to patients in their own home in order to prevent admission to, or facilitate discharge from hospital (ie acute short-term).


The Acute Care at Home team are able to provide;

     •    IV antibiotics
    •    IV fluids, antiemetics and diuretics
    •    Blood transfusions for bed bound patients
    •    Nebulisers
    •    Management of midlines, PICC and other central lines or implanted ports
    •    Daily weights
    •    Cannulation and phlebotomy - blood sampling where results may be 

          required urgently in order to guide or instigate a particular treatment plan
    •    Other injections are possible on a case-by-case bases (eg methyl   



Referrals are accepted from: GPs, hospitals, community matrons, community nurses, EIS and other allied health professionals 


A doctor needs to have assessed community patients within 24 hrs of referral and be prepared to maintain medical responsibility whilst the patient is treated in the community by the team.  

Referral process (from community):

Please ring the number above to discuss the referral

please email with;

1) Community prescription chart

2) Patient profile

Intervention begins on the day of referral once documentation is received.                                

Please see the Acute Care at Home webpages for more details

Referral process (from inpatient):

Please ring the number above to discuss the referral

please refer via Inpatient referrals on MAXIMs

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